The Dumbest Cards That We Love

Some sports cards are valuable just because they're rare, some because they're highly sought after for the player on the card. Sometimes, however, it's something in the background that gives the card a little more of a story. Here are four of our favourite dumb, fun cards - they're not worth thousands of dollars or anything, but they're definitely conversation starters!

1990 NBA Hoops #205 - Mark Jackson 

Mark Jackson Card

Seems ordinary enough, right? Wrong! If you look carefully in the background of that card, you can see two familiar faces. Oh yeah, it's the one and only Menendez Brothers just casually hanging out courtside, like they didn't just murder their own parents. How did they get there? Who knows. Maybe they were trying to act casual or maybe they just wanted to watch some basketball before getting caught. In any case, seeing those two infamous faces in the background of a basketball card is not something you see every day. Can you imagine being the ultimate collector and owning that card? It's a conversation starter for sure!

1994-95 Pinnacle #288 - Sylvain Turgeon

Ah, the 1994-95 Pinnacle #288 Sylvain Turgeon card, another common in a sea of commons in the mass produced era of hockey cards. But do you know what makes this card special? A young Patrick Kane can be seen in the crowd at the game in the background! Yes, the same Patrick Kane who later became an NHL superstar and helped lead the Chicago Blackhawks to three Stanley Cup victories. The game depicted on the card was actually played in Kane's hometown of Buffalo, and little did he know that he would one day become a household name in the hockey world. It's funny to think that a seemingly insignificant moment captured on a hockey card would end up having such a significant impact on the future of the sport. So, if you happen to come across this card in your collection, make sure to cherish it for its historic value and the fact that you can spot a young Kane in the crowd.

1989 Fleer Baseball #616 - Bill Ripken

1989 Fleer #616 Bill Ripken

The 1989 Fleer Baseball Card #616 featuring Bill Ripken has long been a topic of amusement and controversy for baseball fans. And why not? After all, the words "Fuck Face" are clearly and boldly written on the knob of Ripken's bat. But despite the uproar this caused at the time, Ripken has since claimed that it was all just a big misunderstanding. According to him, he wrote the inscription on the bat himself during a practice session and accidentally posed with it for a picture that day at Fenway Park. While it's hard to say whether or not this explanation is true, there's no denying that the Ripken card remains a beloved and sought-after collector's item. And who knows, maybe someday we'll get the full story behind the infamous "Fuck Face" bat. Until then, we'll just have to content ourselves with admiring its unique place in baseball history.

1995-96 Pinnacle #134 - Olaf Kolzig

Olaf Kolzig, fondly known as "Olie the Goalie," had humble beginnings as a backup goalie for the Washington Capitals. Who would've thought that one day he would be immortalized in a trading card, eating a hotdog with "OLAF" written in mustard? The 1995-96 Pinnacle card #134 is a quirky and amusing depiction of Kolzig during his early days in the NHL. What makes this card even more hilarious is the use of a wide-angle lens that exaggerates his facial features, giving his face and nose an unusual shape. Despite the comical appearance, Kolzig's talent and determination were undeniable, eventually leading him to become one of the Capitals' most iconic goalies, even winning the Vezina in 2000. This card is a true gem for any fan of the Capitals and Kolzig alike, showcasing his personality and love for the game in a fun and goofy way.

Not every card is an investment piece, of course! Some are just fun conversation starters and something to laugh at every once in a while. From the Menendez Brothers' appearance on Mark Jackson's card to Olie the Goalie's mustard penmanship on his hotdog, it's nice to have the occasional reminder that collecting is ultimately just for fun. Happy hunting out there!

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