This Day in History: Howie Morenz Tragically Passes Away

On March 8, 1937, hockey fans around the world were devastated to hear that legendary Montreal Canadiens star Howie Morenz had passed away. At the time of his death, Morenz was considered one of the greatest players in hockey history, and his influence on the game can still be felt today. Let’s take a look at how his death changed the face of hockey forever.

Morenz's Legacy Lives On

Morenz's death marked a turning point in NHL history. He was widely considered to be one of the best players to ever play in the league—so much so that he was known as "The Stratford Streak" for his dynamic speed and skill on the ice. After suffering an injury during a game against Chicago in 1937, Morenz underwent surgery only to suffer a fatal heart attack after being discharged from hospital. His death sent shockwaves throughout the hockey community and became a symbol of tragedy for players everywhere.

The Impact of His Death

In response to Morenz's passing, Montreal honoured him with two memorial nights dedicated to raising funds for his family. Later that same year, they retired his number 7 jersey—the first time any team had ever retired a player's number—and in 1945 they inducted him into their Hall of Fame as part of their inaugural class.

Today, Morenz remains an icon in Canadian sports culture and is remembered as one of hockey's greatest-ever players. His legacy lives on through memorabilia such as trading cards, jerseys and other merchandise that are highly sought-after by collectors around the world. In addition, many teams have adopted traditions inspired by Morenz such as wearing black armbands during games or holding special recognition ceremonies for beloved players who have passed away. 

Howie Morenz was more than just an incredible hockey player; he was an icon who changed the game forever with his untimely passing in 1937. From memorial nights dedicated to raising funds for his family to retiring his jersey number and inducting him into their Hall of Fame, Montreal showed its appreciation for all that he did for them while playing there. To this day, hockey fans around the globe continue to honor Howie’s memory by collecting memorabilia related to him or adopting traditions inspired by him during games or otherwise honoring beloved players who have passed away since then. Howie will always be remembered as a legend and an inspiration to those who play or follow NHL hockey today!

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