Titanic's Place in the World of Memorabilia

The sinking of the Titanic is one of history’s most famous tragedies. As such, it has inspired and captivated many people throughout the years. Of course, with this level of fascination comes a valuable market for memorabilia related to the ship. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most iconic and valuable collectables from Titanic memorabilia.

Postcards and Pictures From 1912

One of the rarest pieces of collectable memorabilia from Titanic is any kind of related postcard or magazine that was printed before April 15th, 1912 when the ship sunk. These items provide a unique insight into what life was like on board before tragedy struck that fateful night. These items are highly sought after by collectors as they offer a small window into history and are extremely limited in quantity due to their age. It's said that only about 1,000 original postcards exist, making them some of the rarest artifacts associated with this day in history.

Titanic Artifacts Recovered From The Ocean Floor

In 1985 an expedition funded by National Geographic discovered thousands of artifacts on the bottom on the Atlantic Ocean near where it is believed that Titanic sank. This included items like furniture, plates, bottles, jewelry and even human remains. These pieces were brought up to be preserved in museums around Europe and North America as a way to commemorate those who lost their lives on board over 100 years ago. Some items were even auctioned off in order to help fund further research into what happened that fateful night. These artifacts have become quite popular amongst collectors seeking out unique pieces from this eventful part of history as each item has its own story to tell about its journey from being on board to being recovered from under the sea floor almost 70 years later!

Items That Were Once on the Ship

A number of items, like postcards and letters, were transported between the short stops at the beginning of Titantic's fateful journey. With provenance tracing them back to their place on the ship, these items go for big money, often fetching thousands of dollars in auction. 

The Newspaper Covering the Tragedy

Newspapers are generally not very valuable collectibles - everybody kept their newspaper from the Moon Landing, or the JFK assassination, bringing down the value of those items with so much supply. The Titanic sinking is another story - this newspaper is very valuable depending on the condition, as old newspapers often tend to be frail and fall apart to the touch. If you ever come across one of these newspapers, buy it! But be very careful when touching it, as it's almost definitely very, very fragile. 

Titanic memorabilia can be both interesting and valuable for those looking for unique historical collectables. Whether you’re looking for postcards or pictures from 1912 or artifacts recovered from deep undersea expeditions - there’s something for everyone interested in commemorating this historic event through collecting these items! With such limited availability, these items are sure to hold their value over time if taken care of properly - so don’t miss out! Start your collection today!

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