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  • This Day in History: AI Arrives to the NBA

    November 1, 1996, marked the beginning of a new era in the NBA. It was the day when a diminutive rookie from Georgetown University, Allen Iverson,...
  • The 2008 "Redeem Team" vs the 1992 "Dream Team"

    As we celebrate the anniversary of the Redeem Team's victory in Beijing, we compare this iconic Olympic team to the Dream Team of the 1992 Olympics, and see which team had a larger impact on the world of basketball. 
  • Happy Birthday to Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant will always be remembered as one of the most iconic basketball players of all time. His "mamba mentality" impacted a generation, and inspired millions. Today, on what would have been his 45th birthday, we honour Kobe and remember the incredible things he accomplished in his all-too-short life.
  • The New York Knicks Suing the Toronto Raptors and other NBA Controversies

    The New York Knicks are suing the Toronto Raptors for having a "mole" in the organization, who illegally procured over 3,000 classified documents. Today, we take a look at this and some of the wildest controversies throughout NBA history
  • Usain Bolt's World Record Race and Unbeatable World Records Across Sports, Music, and Movies

    On this day in 2008, Usain Bolt broke the world record for the 100m in Beijing, and would later break that record again. His run of dominance and impressive records are unbeatable in the world of track and field, and there are other records just as unbreakable. Whether it is Michael Phelps or Lionel Messi, we will take a look at other unbeatable records and honour legends.
  • Celebrating the Birth of "Magic"

    Magic Johnson has had an immense impact on the basketball court, with an equally extensive business portfolio. He is one of the game's greatest players, winning 5 NBA championships and bringing smiles to the millions who watched him play. After his career, he created positive change in the inner city by investing in franchises there, leading to a net worth of $600 million. Today, he turns 64 years old, as we look back and honour his career both on and off the court.
  • How Tom Brady and Other Athletes Achieved Longevity in Sports in Unique Ways

    One week ago Tom Brady celebrated his 46th birthday, the same year that he retired from football. After having one of the longest and most successful careers in sports, we take a look at some of the unique methods that are attributed to longevity in sports. Whether it is LeBron James investing nearly $2 million in his health, or Roger Federer taking more of a relaxing approach, we see how many legendary athletes achieved their lengthy careers.
  • This Day in History: The Dream Team and the Greatest Teams In Sports History

    On the anniversary of the 1992 Dream Team taking the international basketball world by storm at the 1992 Olympics, we took a look at some of the most dominating teams in sports history. Whether it is Barcelona winning 6 trophies in a single season, or the Chicago Bulls dominating the NBA on both sides of the court, great teams can impact how we play and perceive sports, as we honour greatness. 
  • The Greatest Comebacks in the History of Sports

    Whether it's Liverpool vs. AC Milan, Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors, or the Miracle on ice, comebacks in sports show people at their best; willing to fight and achieve greatness. In this blog, we look at the greatest comebacks throughout history
  • The Life and Legacy of Bill Russell; an Icon and Inspiration

    Bill Russell was more than just a basketball player. He was a role model, a leader, and an inspiration to millions of people around the world. His legacy on the court is just as impressive as his legacy off it, as he used his status to promote and advocate for change. On the anniversary of his passing, we take a look at the life of an icon. 
  • Mbappé's Contract Offer and the Largest in Sport's History

    From boxers to baseball players to football and soccer stars, athletes have secured deals that guarantee their financial future and secure their place in sports history. On the heels of Mbappé receiving the largest contract offer in sports history, we take a look at many others that shifted their respective sports. 
  • This Day in History: The Kawhi Leonard Trade

    On this day, back in 2018, the Toronto Raptors made the most significant trades in their history, acquiring Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green from the ...